Fan Expo 2011 – A Photo Retrospective

Here is the gallery of all the photos I took during Fan Expo.  I had my camera out nearly the entire weekend and I would always snap a picture whenever I came across something interesting.  Hope you enjoy.

Fan Expo 2011 – Final Thoughts

This year’s Fan Expo was bit of a “make it or break it” event for me.  While I quite enjoyed my first visit to the expo in 2009, last year’s overcrowding disaster risked disillusioning me on the event.  I knew that the best way for me to properly enjoy the event was to go all […]

Fan Expo 2011 Day 4 – Final Q&As, Former Wrestlers, and a Surprise Guest

Tom Felton Q&A Potter-mania (or should it be Malfoy-mania) was present in full force during the final day of the Fan Expo.  I have observed over the entire weekend that Tom Felton was definitely one of the biggest draws of the convention, with many people (mostly female) lining up to meet Harry Potter’s nemesis. I […]

Fan Expo 2011 Day 3 – Lost Girl and Line-Ups

Lost Girl Panel Saturday is typically the busiest day at Fan Expo and it is also the single day I chose to visit for my previous two expos.  It seemed the Expo was anticipating the crowds, since we were let into the building (but not the show floor) a good half hour before opening (which also […]

Fan Expo 2011 Day 2 – A Busy Day of Q&As

Tom Felton Signing The first full day of Fan Expo was a busy one that, quite frankly, wore me out. I got up bright and early to head to the convention centre and I managed to get in quite prompt. I wasn’t on the showfloor as much today as I was yesterday, however I was […]

Fan Expo 2011 Day 1 – Line-up Issues and Unleashing my Inner Trekkie

Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Marina Sirtis greets fans. While only half a day, I have to say that today turned out to be an enjoyable start to the Fan Expo.  However, it did not start out that way.  In a continuing example of the bad organization that plagues the convention, the lines to get in were […]

Fan Expo 2011: Preparing for a Geeky Weekend

Today marks the beginning of Fan Expo Canada 2011.  Over its 16 years in existence, it has grown to become what is essentially the largest multigenre fan convention in Canada.  While it has yet to reach the hights of the San Diego Comic-Con (which is probably the largest convention in the world), it has definitely […]

Fan Expo 2009 and 2010 – A Photo Retrospective

The 2011 edition of Fan Expo Canada occurs in about ten days time.   This will be my third time attending the convention, but it will be my first with a deluxe pass that will give me full access for the entire weekend. I am already planning to post daily reports of this year’s Expo, […]

My Thoughts on Fan Expo 2010

Last weekend, I attended Fan Expo Canada for the second time.  It was overall an enjoyable experience, however this probably the year where many of the problems associated with the Expo reared their head. Probably the biggest problem with the Expo was the terrible crowd control.  The Metro Toronto Convention centre was completely packed and […]

My Experience at Fan Expo

Yesterday I went to Fan Expo Canada for the first time and it was a great experience. I always wanted to attend a convention like this, but I was always reluctant to pay the high ticket price. I finally caved this year and I am glad that I did. The highlight for me was meeting […]