TIFF10: Splitting My Time

This is my fifth year volunteering for the Toronto International Film Festival and I had a very hard choice deciding where to volunteer this year.  My automatic choice has always been the Varsity theatre, however I was disappointed to find out that it was not being utilized much this year. After a lot of pondering, I decided […]

TIFF10: Contemplating the Changes

It is really starting to seem that my fifth year as a TIFF volunteer will be marked by many changes.  First, there is an uncertainty over if and when I’d be able to volunteer, since I have applied for an internship that takes place during the festival (however, I should probably have a better idea […]

TIFF09: Finishing Up

It’s always weird putting on the volunteer t-shirt for one final shift after I spent most of the week as a festival attendee. This was actually the most low-key of my final festival shifts. I started off tearing tickets for a public screening of Partir before I was positioned at the final P&I screening of […]

TIFF09: Desperate Publicists and Disapointed Critics

My shift started off with my first position inside the theatre. The screening was for the Canadian film A Gun to the Head, which I thought was decent enough that I didn’t mind standing through it. However, my busiest position today was manning the P&I screening for the film Lebanon, fresh from winning the Golden […]

TIFF09: A Change of Scenery

In what ended up being my longest shift in the history of my time volunteering for the festival, today I ended up changing locations halfway through my shift, from Varsity to Ryerson, to help out with the craziness happening at the screening for Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air. The screening had a big red […]

TIFF09: Back to Basics

Last year, I really thought I finished on a high note as a normal volunteer and I was ready to move up and become a captain. Sadly those captain ambitions never turned out and I was back in the peon role for my fourth year as a volunteer. It is probably fitting that this ended […]

TIFF09: Recruitment Becomes Orientation

Today was my returning volunteer orientation session. Up until this year, they were known as recruitment sessions, however now they have an online volunteer hub set-up, where I RSVPed for the session I wanted to attend. Being a returning volunteer, I had automatic access to the session, while new volunteers have to be invited to […]

TIFF08: 2008 Volunteering Ends with a Bang (and Pontypool)

When you volunteer at the Toronto Film Festival, how your day turns out depends on where you assigned by the volunteer captain. I already spoke about how I thought Sunday was an off day for me. In contrast, I am considering today to be my most rewarding volunteer shift in the three years I have […]

TIFF08: First Day Pretty Routine

Nothing real special happened during my first volunteer shift, which nearly consisted entirely of Press & Industry screenings. The most of those press screens was definitely that for the Belgium film Unspoken (pictured), which had not only the five assigned volunteers, but at least three representatives for the film, who gave out promotional materials and […]

TIFF07: Volunteering finished until next year

Before I continue with this log, I just want to make a quick note that because I have been leaving early and coming home late all week I didn’t have time to post my thoughts on films as I saw them. As such, I will post all my thoughts at once during my festival wrap-up […]