Going on a Trip

I’m going on a trip to Scotland/Amsterdam until June 4, so there will be no updates until that time.


Who would have thought that is has already been five years (to the minute) since I started this little film blog on August 31, 2004? When I first started, I did not really know what to write about, except that it would be about movies. The articles were few, the site had a blogspot address, […]

Some Structural/Schedule Changes

As you will notice my the new navigation bar, I have now better organized this blog, filtering many columns under one label. In addition, there will be changes to the schedule. While, I’ll stick with my regular daily posts for the most part, I will now start posting more movie news based on what I […]

New Comments System

After recent problems with spam comments, I decided to use a third party comment system to better manage the comments made. Hope you enjoy the discussions.

And We’re Back

I’m back in town and the normal posts should resume tomorrow.

Holiday Break

I’m going out of town for the next week, so there will be no updates to the blog until then.

New URL Notice

As soon as it’s processed, this blog will now be read at http://www.skonmovies.com. The old URL of http://skmovies.blogspot.com will continue to host the blog until that time, then it will start to redirect to the new address.


I hope you enjoy the new look of the blog. The template was provided by Free Templates blog.

Some changes in schedule

As I continue to get used to a regular posting schedule, I decided to make some changes: “Interesting Film News of the Week” has been renamed “Interesting Film News of the Moment” and will now be posted “as I see it” instead of once a week. To make up for the vacant Thursday column, I’m […]

New Update Schedule

I’m hoping to expand this little blog by being more regular with my posts. Here’s what to expect. Daily Posts Monday – Trailer Thoughts: I give my thoughts on some the latest trailers Tuesday – DVD Picks: I give my thoughts and picks on the current week’s DVD releases Wednesday – Classic Thoughts: I revisit […]