Monday Editorial: Are Subscription-Services the Future of Theatrical Exhibition?

I usually ignore the sponsored posts and advertisements that show up in my Facebook feed, however there was one a little over a week ago that caught my attention. It was for an upcoming service named ShowGO Canada. The service claims that for a subscription of $12.95 a month, you can watch one (non-premium) movie […]

My Two Cents on the Plan to Replace the Humber Cinema with Condos

Here I am again, posting about the fate of a cinema that I have loved so much. The resurrection of the Humber Cinema has been a very rough ride, particularly involving the very nasty feud over the management of the theatre. Despite all of that, the Humber has flourished over the last five years or […]

*Sigh* The West End Cinema Feud Doesn’t Seem to End

Back in July when Rui Pereira was locked out of the Humber Cinema, which he worked hard to renovate and reopen, I really felt sympathy for the guy and I was prepared to boycott the Humber.  However, these days, Pereira has lost all my sympathy.  Last month, I changed my mind and returned to the […]

Returning (Again) to the Humber (with Video)

If you recall, back in July I wrote that the Humber Cinema had lost me as a patron after the incident, which saw the landlord Claude Bitton essentially hijack the cinema away from manger Rui Pereira, after Pereira spent a lot of work refurbishing the cinema.  At the time I thought the cinema had lost […]

The West-End Cinema Feud and the Humber Cinema’s Fall from Grace

Last week I wrote about the apparent reclosing (and subsequent reopening) of the Humber Cinema.  I didn’t really know what to think at the time.  I just knew that the Humber was still open. Well, some more news has since surfaced and it is almost the type of story that you only see in the […]

Interesting Developments in the Saga of the Humber Cinema

Before I move onto about a half dozen posts about last weekend’s Shindesai Cinema Festival, I thought I would chime in on an interesting development in the saga of my local cinema the Humber. As you may know from my many posts, the Humber was reopened last year, by Kingsway Cinema manager Rui Pereira, after […]

Cineplex Buys AMC and the Movie-Going Community Wheeps

It was announced today that Cineplex has purchased four of AMC’s Canadian cinemas, including the location I regularly go to at Yonge and Dundas.  They will all be rebranded under the Cineplex name and will effectively all but give Cineplex a monopoly of movie exhibition in Canada (their only remaining major competitor is Empire Theatres, which doesn’t have enough […]

Farewell to the Cumberland

It was announced on Friday that the Cumberland Theatre, which at one point was the main arthouse cinema in Toronto, would close its doors at the end of today. It’s definitely sad news, but at least the theatre gets to go out with a bang instead of a whimper.  Today is the final day of […]

Thoughts on the Renovated Bloor Cinema

This evening I went to a screening at the new reopened (and renamed) Bloor Hot Docs cinema.  The theatre recently finished months of renovations and has now reopened as the main hub for the Hot Docs film festival. I might be because I only went to the Bloor a handful of times before the renovations, […]

MORE Movie Theatres of My Life

My last post, in which I reminisced on the many different Toronto-area cinemas I frequented, was quite well-received so I decided that I would write a follow-up post, listing more of the theatres that I have been to. Like I’ve said in the last post, I’ve probably been to most Toronto cinemas at least once (though there’s […]