My Thoughts on the 2017 Oscar Nominees

This morning saw the announcement of the nominees for the 90th annual Academy Awards. There is lot that I can say about this year’s nominees, so I am going to get straight to it. The leading nominee is The Shape of Water with 13 nominations, which makes me quite happy as a fan of Guillermo del […]

My Thoughts on the 2016 Oscar Nominees

This morning saw the announcement of the nominees were announced for the 89th annual Academy Awards. The nominees were announced in a different fashion this year, opting more for pseudo-documentary testimonials from past nominees and winners, instead of the usual live event. The question on everyone’s mind this year is whether there would be any […]

My Thoughts on the 2016 Canadian Screen Award Nominees

Earlier this week, the nominations were announced for the 2016 edition of the Canadian Screen Awards. Celebrating its fourth annual edition this year, the Canadian Screen Awards celebrate the best of film, television, and digital media in Canada.  My coverage is going to focus primarily on the film categories, so I will begin by providing […]

My Thoughts on the 2015 Oscar Nominees

Well, it’s time once again to dissect the nominations for the 88th annual Academy Awards. I’m going to stick most of my preamble and get straight on to my random thoughts on the nominees, which did in fact include a few surprises. It was a surprisingly strong showing for Mad Max: Fury Road, which ended […]

My Thoughts on the 2014 Oscar Nominees

It is time again to go down the road to the Oscars.  The nominees for the 87th annual Academy Awards were announced this morning and, for the first time, all the categories were part of the live announcement.  While there were no huge surprises in this year’s nominees, there were some very notable omissions, particularly […]

My Thoughts on the Oscar Nominees

Can’t you believe it! I always like trying to get up early to watch the live Oscar nominee announcement, but I forgot to set my alarm and ended up sleeping through the whole thing.  Either way, I ended up not being too surprised by this year’s batch of nominees.  As always, I shall take some […]

My Thoughts on the Oscar Nominees

It’s that time again! The nominations for the 85th annual Academy Awards were announced this morning. Before I get to my thoughts on the nominations, I thought I should make some observations about the presentation.  Traditionally, the nominations are announced by the Academy president (and a celebrity guest), but this year they were announced by […]

My Thoughts on the Oscar Nominees

Award season kicked into full gear this morning as the Oscar nominations were announced.  As is my usual habit, I shall give my random thoughts: As a result of slightly modified rules (in which the Academy nominates UP TO ten films), there are only nine Best Picture nominees, six of which I have seen.  I highly doubt […]

My Thoughts on the Oscar Nominees

The Oscar nominations were just announced this morning.  As usual, here are my random thoughts: I’ve seen every Best Picture nominee, except for The Kids are Alright and Winter’s Bone.  I will try to see those two before the ceremony. James Franco becomes the first Oscar host in recent memory to also have a Best […]

My Thoughts on the Golden Globes Nominees

The nominees were announced for the 2010 Golden Globe awards. As I always do, here are some random thoughts: I’ve seen all but one of the “Best Picture – Drama” nominees, which I am sure will be remedied once The Fighter is released. I’m a bit surprised that Burlesque got a nomination for “Best Picture […]