My Thoughts on The Golden Globe Nominees

Today the nominees were announced for the 2008 Golden Globe awards, which is the official kick-off on the road to the Oscars.

I will now provide some random thoughts on the nominees in each of the film categories. As always, I will make my formal predictions closer to the show:

  • 7 Nominees for Best Picture (Drama)?
  • What is The Great Debators?
  • For the first time in a long time there are more Musicals than Comedies (though two of the musicals can also be considered comedies)
  • Unexpected acting nominations: Keira Knightly (drama), James McAvoy (drama), Marion Cotillard (comedy/musical), John C. Reilly (comedy/musical), Saoirse Ronan (supporting)
  • The Simpsons proves cell animation still works
  • There’s an American foreign language film (Kite Runner)!
  • Who’s Julian Schnabel?

I’m sure all my questions an concerns on the nominees that popped out of nowhere will be answered closer to the event itself. The Golden Globes airs on NBC Sunday January 13.