Movies of the Moment – January 2008

January is usually the calm before the storm that is award season. This year, there are only really two high profile films that I’m interested in. However, there are some films that opened right at the end of the year (such as There Will be Blood) that I might also be checking out.

Feature Film January 2008
Cloverfield – January 18

When decided my number once choice for January, there is no other option than the film that came out of nowhere with a title-less trailer back in July.

I sort of expected a more in-depth campaign for the film, how this camcorder-filmed monster film should make for an entertaining film.

Other Picks for the Month
Rambo – January 25
Sylvester Stallone revives his other big franchise for some ultra-violent gung-ho action.

Not Really Interested
Meet the Spartans – January 25
I can officially say that Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have destroyed any dignity spoof films had by releasing another pointless parody.