Movies of the Moment – March 2008

This month is pretty slim in terms of films I want to see. However, there are still a few intriguing choices.

Feature Film March 2008
Doomsday – March 14
I already stated in my trailer thoughts that this post-apocalyptic film seems to borrow from previous films such as 28 Days Later, Mad Max, and The Warriors. If nothing else, this film looks to be an ultra-violent sci-fi/action film that really sticks out among the films this month.

Other Picks for the Month

Drillbit Taylor – March 21
This is the first Judd Apatow-produced film of the year, even though it’s a more tamer (i.e. PG-13 rated) film from his films from last year (personally I’m really looking forward to Forgetting Sarah Marshall next month). It’s also good to see Owen Wilson again after his personal issues from last year.

Run Fatboy Run – March 28
This is, to my knowledge, Simon Pegg’s first staring role not directed by his buddy Edgar Wright (it’s actually the directorial debut for David Schwimmer). I was wanting to see this film back at the Toronto Film Festival, but it was one of the films that quickly sold out. This is definitely one for me to see.

May Consider
The Bank Job – March 7
I was going to see this film today, but a snowstorm has put that in doubt. If I can fit it in, I’ll definitely check this one out.

21 – March 28
This is one of this “cool” Vegas films. I may give it a shot if there’s nothing else to see.

Superhero Movie – March 28
I enjoyed the trailer and producer David Ducker has a better knack for movie parodies than, the “parody everything for the heck of it” duo of, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. This one is a definite possibility.

Not Really Interested
10,000 B.C. – March 7
I have nothing against Roland Emmerich and I quite enjoyed his previous films. However, this prehistoric epic doesn’t do it for me.

Never Back Down – March 14
I mentioned this film in my commentary about the state of commercial cinema. Like the urban dance movies, this is a prime example cinema being used as just a product. However, this time it’s all about Mixed Martial Arts (more specifically, a cheap “street” version of it) instead of hip hop. I’d recommend that you see Fight Club instead.

Until next month.