New Update Schedule

I’m hoping to expand this little blog by being more regular with my posts.

Here’s what to expect.

Daily Posts

  • Monday – Trailer Thoughts: I give my thoughts on some the latest trailers
  • Tuesday – DVD Picks: I give my thoughts and picks on the current week’s DVD releases
  • Wednesday – Classic Thoughts: I revisit a film from the past
  • Thursday – Interesting Film News of the Week: I will post my thoughts on a piece of movie news that caught my eye
  • Friday – This Weekend in Movies: I will talk about the current week’s releases and what I might see

Regular Posts

  • My Thoughts on…: Like always, my movie thoughts will be posted after seeing a film.
  • Indie Thoughts: I’ll will continue to try and include an independent film in my viewing schedule once a month and I will post my thoughts on that
  • DVD Thoughts: Whenever I purchase a new release DVD, I’ll make sure give my 10-cents on it
  • Movies of the Moment: My picks for the month will continue being posted during the first week of the month.

Special Posts

  • Awards Coverage – During the awards season I will continue to post my picks for the big award shows.
  • Toronto Film Festival Coverage – I will continue to post logs of my volunteer experience, as well as thoughts on the films I see.

That’s all for now. Expect the first daily post tomorrow.