Movies of the Moment – June 2008

And I’m back!

After week off, I am back home and ready to return to this blog. The regular schedule will go back to normal tomorrow, but, as promised, here is this month’s Movies of the Moment.

Feature Film June 2008
The Happening – June 13
It was a flip between this film and The Incredible Hulk, which both open on the same day. However, it was my love for M. Night Shyamalan, which made me decide on this film.

Shyamalan has been slowly losing mainstream appeal since the huge success of The Sixth Sense nearly nine years ago.

However, I still consider him one of my favourite directors and this film looks like it will be his best film since Signs. Add the fact that this will be his first R-rated film and there’s a film that I definitely want to check out.

Other Picks for the Month
You Don’t Mess with the Zohan – June 6
It’s been four years since Adam Sandler made a film I can truly say I was looking forward to (the last being Fifty First Dates). This film is probably his most original idea in a long time and I definitely look forward to checking it out.

The Incredible Hulk – June 13
As I’ve said, I want to see both this and The Happening (and I might even see both the same weekend). It will also be interesting to see how much of Toronto (where it was filmed) will be recognizable in the film (there’s already the poorly-disguised Yonge St. in the trailer).

Get Smart – June 20
The latest TV adaptation sees Steve Carell play the superspy Maxwell Smart. I enoyed watching the original series and I expect to enjoy the film as well.

Wanted – June 27
I had little interest in this film until I saw a behind-the-scenes featurette that sold the film to me better than the trailer, which only seemed to concentrate on Angelina Jolie’s tatoos.

May Check Out
Kung-Fu Panda – June 6
This animated Kung-Fu film staring Jack Black looks like it could match the Shrek film in success. However, I wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable going to a talking animal film at 26 without any younger relatives.

Wall-E – June 27
The latest offering by Pixar takes a science fiction turn. As such, I don’t really care that the film is animated, I really want to see the film. Too bad Wanted opens the same week.

Not Interested
The Love Guru – June 20
I just saw a new trailer for this film today and it almost totally turned me off on the film. Forget about the accusations of Mike Myers making fun of Hinduism, the sight of Myers’ head on a child’s body is enough to make me run away screaming. Too bad it was filmed (and takes place) in Toronto.

And that’s my picks for the month.