Movies of the Moment – July 2008

Because of the fact that I was away the last few days, we will have to skip this week’s Box Office Thoughts. However, instead here are my Movies of the Moment for July.

Feature Film July 2008
The Dark Knight – July 18
Is there any other choice? This is probably the film I am looking forward to the most this summer. I will also be most likely seeing the film in IMAX to take advantage of the fact that scenes of the film were actually shot using IMAX cameras.

Other Picks for the Month

Hancock – July 1
Will Smith’s turn as an anti-superhero looks interesting enough for me to check it out.

The Wackness – July 4
In what will most likely be my Indie pick for the month, this film has been generating a lot of buzz since Sundance. As such, I am intrigued to check this one out.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army – July 11
A lot has happened for directer Guillermo del Toro between the first and second Hellboy movies (namely the success of Pan’s Labyrinth and del Toro being named as the director of The Hobbit). I am definitely looking forward to this movie.

X-Files: I Want to Believe – July 25
It’s been a decade since the first movie and six years since the end of the series. As such, I am looking forward to seeing the return of the X-Files on the big screen (even if I don’t know the plot yet).

May Check Out

Mama Mia! – July 18
It will be the pure curiosity factor that will make me check out this adaptation of the ABBA musical.

Step Brothers – July 25
Even though Will Ferrell’s routine is starting to get old, this film looks to be quite funny. The only thing stopping me from seeing it would be the X-Files movie.

Not Interested

Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3D – July 11
Maybe this would be more intriguing if it was shown in 3D in ALL theatres.

Meet Dave – July 11
It’s hard to trust Eddie Murphy movies these days. So, I’ll skip it and maybe see it on cable some day.

That’s my picks for July