Movies of the Moment: August 2008

There are some good films coming out this year in the month formerly known as “the dog days of summer.”

Feature Film August 2008
Tropic Thunder – August 13
Ben Stiller’s war film spoof is poised to become one of the funniest comedies of the year.

I also have to see the film to see Robert Downey Jr playing “the ultimate method actor” (if you’ve seen any posters/trailers, you know what I mean).

Other Picks for the Month
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – August 1
The director has changed, one of the roles have been recast, however I still think that the third Mummy film will be just as entertaining as the rest.

Pineapple Express – August 8
I’m still looking forward to this film, but it hasn’t really been advertised too much since the trailer was shown with Forgetting Sarah Marshall. At this point, I’m looking forward more to Seth Rogen’s other film this year.

May Check Out
Star Wars: The Clone Wars – August 15
George Lucas literally decided to to release this film by looking at the upcoming animated series on a screen and saying “lets release this to theatres.” The fact that this is pretty much a preview for the show doesn’t give me the initiative to pay to see it. However, I’m fearing that curiosity may take over and I’ll go see it anyway.

Mirrors – August 15
This looks to be a creepy (and gory) horror film. I may check it out if I find room in my viewing schedule.

Death Race – August 22
The prison racing film looks like it may be good film to waste some time on.

Hamlet 2 – August 22
This independent comedy with Steve Coogan looks like it may have its moments.

Babylon A.D. – August 29
I’ll go see this new Vin Diesel film if I find nothing else to watch that week.

Not Interested
The House Bunny – August 22
Anna Faris deserves better than this thinly veiled Legally Blonde remake

Disaster Movie – August 29
I pretty much already said why in my trailer thoughts this morning.

That’s my picks for August.