Movies of the Moments: September 2008

Even though the first couple weeks are going to be taken up by the Film Festival, there are still some choice picks for me this month.

Feature Film September 2008
Burn After Reading – September 12
The new Coen brothers film is showing at the film festival and it will be opening right around the end and seeing it will probably be one of the first things I do after the festival’s over.

Other Picks for the Month
Lakeview Terrace – September 19
This thriller with Samuel L. Jackson as a corrupt cop living next door to a family seems like a fun way to waste an afternoon.

Eagle Eye – September 26
Shia LaBeouf re-teams with Disturbia director D.J. Caruso for this thriller about a guy, who is tormented by terrorists that can track his every move.

Choke – Septermber 26
This raunchy comedy based on a novel from the writer of Fight Club will probably be my indie pick for the month.

May Check Out
Bangkok Dangerous – September 5
This Nicolas Cage film may be worth a look. However, it opens way too close to the festival.

Righteous Kill – September 12
This film is all about the teaming of Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino.

Ghost Town – September 19
Ricky Gervais is funny, but this seems a little too mainstream.

Already saw, but recommending
Towelhead – September 12
I saw this film last year at the film festival when it was known as Nothing is Private and it ended up being the favourite film of the festival. You can read my thoughts of it in last year’s festival wrap-up.

Not Interested
The Women – September 12
I have a feeling I’m of the wrong gender to even think of checking out this film.

My Best Friend’s Girl – September 19
This film briefly caught my interest when I noticed it had a red band trailer, but I doubt any amount of crude language from Dane Cook would save this from being yet another generic romantic comedy.

And that’s the picks for September