TIFF08: So many films, so little time

I was looking through the, now released, film schedule for the Film Festival and I am trying to figure out which films I will be going to see.

The problem with this is that I have to work around both my schedules as a student at York University and as volunteer during the festival.

This year it looks like I may have to settle for a lot of morning or early afternoon screenings.

There is always the ongoing issue of ticket availability. People who buy ticket packages always get first dibs, so by the time single tickets go on sale, a lot of the popular films have already sold out.

As such, I always choose more films that I will ever expect to see, so I’d be able to quickly choose back-ups in case my first choice is sold out (and the rush line is never an option for me — if I’m going to line up for hours, I would like it to be for a film I’m guaranteed to see).

Well single tickets go on sale a week from today (though I probably won’t have time to buy any until the next day), so I have plenty of time to build up my film list.