Movies of the Moment: December 2008

December is always the month when the studios try to release all their best films in time for Oscar consideration. Probably as a result, an unusually large amount of films are released on Christmas Day (this year’s number being five, with more due to open on boxing day).

Feature Film December 2008
The Brothers Bloom – December 19
In a month full of blockbusters and Oscar contenders I have chosen this little independent heist film from the director of Brick.

I was disappointed when I couldn’t see the film at the film festival, so I am really looking forward at seeing the film during its regular release.

Other Picks for the Month
Frost/Nixon – December 5
Ron Howard directs this adaptation of the a play, which is in turn based on real interviews that took place in 1977. I have a feeling that this will be one of the films to watch come Oscar time.

The Day The Earth Stood Still – December 12
Three and a half years after War of the Worlds comes another remake of a 50s Sci-Fi film. I guess purists can say whatever they can about the film, but you do have to agree that Keanu Reeves is probably the most perfect person to play an alien.

Gran Torino – December 12
In what’s rumoured to be his final acting role, Clint Eastwood plays a Dirty Harry-esque character in this film, which may be the dark horse in the Oscar race.

Yes Man – December 19
Jim Carrey is little over three years away from turning 50 and he is still making goofy comedies (though he does balance that out with serious films). I will definite be checking out this film and I’ll hope that it is better than Fun with Dick and Jane.

Films Opening on Christmas Day That I Want to See
I can’t see ALL of these films, but I will see at least one (or two) before the year is over.

The Spirit
Frank Miller makes his solo directorial debut with this adaptation of the comicbook series by Will Eisner. Visually the film looks like Sin City-redux and it should be a fun film.

This is the Christmas opening that I am MOST likely to see. It really looks to be a return to form for both Tom Cruise and Bryan Singer.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
I am definitely curious about this film.

May Check Out
Revolutionary Road – December 26
This kind of seems like a mix between American Beauty and Titanic. 😛

Marley and Me – December 25
I had a laugh with the trailer, so I’ll see it if I can fit it in.

Already Saw, but Recommending
The Wrestler – December 17
This is currently at the top of my favourite films of the year, after seeing it at the film festival. You can review my thoughts on the film here.

And that’s my picks for December