My Thoughts on the Golden Globe Nominations

It’s that time again.

The Golden Globe nominees have been announced and like last year, I will give some random thoughts on the nominations:

  • No real surprises in the Best Picture (Drama) category. Though I would have also liked to have seen The Wrestler on that list.
  • There are also no surprises in the Drama acting nominations (and The Wrestler IS included in the Best Actor category)
  • The first surprise comes with the Best Picture (Comedy) category. I was pleased to see Happy-Go-Lucky and In Bruges (two films I quite enjoyed) get nominated. Though, I would have to argue that In Bruges can also be considered a drama.
  • In Bruges also has two competing nominations in the Best Actor (Comedy) category for both Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson (I guess that would be a split vote).
  • The animated nominees are as expected.
  • I’ve only heard of one of the foreign nominees (I’ve Loved You So Long).
  • Nice to see Tom Cruise get a supporting nomination for his hilarious role in Tropic Thunder (though I think his votes would be split with Robert Downey Jr.).
  • Doubt gets two supporting actress nominations and one supporting actor nomination (along with the Best Actress nomination for Meryl Streep)
  • The nominations for director and screenplay seem to match the Best Picture (drama) nominees, with the exception of a screenplay nomination for Doubt.

Well, those are my thoughts. The award show airs on January 11 and I will make my predictions sometime before then.