DVD Thoughts: Moon

For an independent film, I thought that Moon has a very decent DVD release.  The special features on the disc are small in number, but big in quality.

There is are usually featurettes, which include a 16 minute “Making Of” documentary, along with a 11 minute feature on the visual effects.  Those are OK for the most part.

The DVD also includes two separate commentary tracks: One with director Duncan Jones and Producer Stuart Fenegan and the other with Jone, Director of Photography Gary Shaw, Concept Designer Gavin Rothery, and Production Designer Tony Noble.  As you would guess, the second one is the more technical commentary of the two.

My favourite feature on the disc is the inclusion of two complete Q&A sessions with Duncan Jones: One from the film’s debut at Sundance and the other from a screening that happened at Space Center Houston.  Being a fan of film festivals and Q&As, I think it’s too bad that these aren’t included as a feature more often.

Rounding out disc is the inclusion of Duncan Jone’s 2002 debut short film Whistle.

Overall, I thought it was a very good disc.