DVD Picks – April 20, 2010 – Avatar, The Lovely Bones, Crazy Heart, and More

This week the big release is undoubtedly James Cameron’s Avatar, which has an unusual Thursday release date.  A word of warning that this is a feature-less bareboned release and a Special Edition is expected to be released later this year.  On to the picks.

Blu-Ray – $29.99 (CAN), $19.99 (US)
Standard – $23.99 (CAN), $15.99 (US)
My Thoughts: Not James Cameron’s best film, but still very good.
My Recommendation: Wait and buy the Special Edition

The Lovely Bones [Blu-ray]
The Lovely Bones
Blu-Ray – $29.99 (CAN), $21.49 (US)
Standard – $24.99 (CAN), $16.99 (US)
My Thoughts: A nice change of pace for Peter Jackson.
My Recommendation: Rent It

 Crazy Heart [Blu-ray]
Crazy Heart
Blu-Ray – $34.99 (CAN), $19.99 (US)
Standard – $24.99 (CAN), $17.99 (US)

Blu-Ray Re-Releases
Minority Report [Blu-ray] 
Minority Report – $24.49 (CAN), $19.99 (US)

The Basketball Diaries [Blu-ray]
The Basketball Diaries – $18.49 (CAN), $20.99 (US)

And that’s my DVD Picks for this week.