DVD Picks – July 13, 2010 – Greenberg, Chloe, The Bounty Hunter, and More

For my main pick this week, I will chose the Ben Stiller-starring comedy/drama Greenberg.  Another notable release this week is Atom Egoyan’s Chloe. On to the picks.

Blu-Ray – $29.49 (CAN), $28.99 (US)
Standard – $28.49 (CAN), $17.99 (US)
My Thoughts: An interesting film with a breakthrough performance by Greta Gerwig.
My Recommendation: Rent It

Chloe [Blu-ray]
Blu-Ray – $25.62 (CAN), $24.99 (US)
Standard – $19.99 (CAN), $15.49 (US)
My Thoughts: A Toronto-set Fatal Attraction
My Recommendation: Rent It

The Bounty Hunter [Blu-ray]
The Bounty Hunter
Blu-Ray – $26.99 (CAN), $19.99 (US)
Standard – $29.99 (CAN), $17.99 (US)

Blu-Ray Re-Releases
Insomnia [Blu-ray]
Insomnia – $20.99 (CAN), $17.49 (US)

In Bruges [Blu-ray]
In Bruges – $17.99 (CAN), $18.99 (US)

And that’s my DVD Picks for this week.