My Thoughts on Black Swan

Darren Aronofsky is known for being a bit of a visionary, so it would have been obvious that a film about ballet would turn out to be more than meets the eye.

It would be hard to talk about this film without going into spoiler-territory, however I can say that the film is about a perfectionist ballet dancer (Natalie Portman), who gets the lead in a production of Swan Lake and finds her life running parallel with the ballet in what may or may not be hallucinations.

This is definitely a film that’s hard to classify under a genre, since once scene the film is a straight-forward drama, while the next scene almost feels like a full-out horror film.

I would definitely say that this is one of the most cerebral film and it has a bit of a sudden “that was it???” ending that may annoy causal filmgoers.  However, I can say I enjoyed it.