Fan Expo 2011: Preparing for a Geeky Weekend

Today marks the beginning of Fan Expo Canada 2011.  Over its 16 years in existence, it has grown to become what is essentially the largest multigenre fan convention in Canada.  While it has yet to reach the hights of the San Diego Comic-Con (which is probably the largest convention in the world), it has definitely grown spectacularly in the last few years.

Last year was not a great year for the Fan Expo.  For some reason, it was not able to acquire the South Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and it had to move back to the North Building, which it did not occupy since 2005.  This resulted in a huge overcrowding issue, with many people (including those who prepurchased tickets) stranded outside.

This year, the Fan Expo plans to make amend by not only returning to the South Building (which they booked immediately after last year’s fiasco), but they will also be adding a fourth day this year (which actually now make the Fan Expo the same length as the San Diego Comic-Con).

This year is my third year attending the convention and it is also the first year that I spent a little more and purchased a deluxe pass for the full weekend.  In previous years, you needed the deluxe pass to most of the panels and such at the expo.  However, according to the website, this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore and the only difference between the single and deluxe pass is the number of days you can attend.  I’ll know for sure once I arrive.

Throughout the weekend I plan on post a report each evening about each day of the festival.  I am definitely going to be a busy guy.

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