What I watched – Jan 11-24

Last couple weeks were arguably filled with more video game playing than movie watching, but I still watched a fair number of titles. Here is what I watched:

  • The Ambassador – First Viewing (Cinema) – Decent exposé of the blood diamond trade.
  • The End of Time – First Viewing (Cinema) – Avant Garde Doc
  • My Awkward Sexual Adventure – First Viewing (Cinema) – Very Canadian, yet Enjoyable
  • Amour – First Viewing (Cinema) – Excellent Film, but Very Depressing
  • Broken City – First Viewing (Cinema) – Not a very interesting thriller
  • Zero Dark Thirty – First Viewing (Cinema) – Decent, but not extraordinary.
  • Shorts That Are Not Pants – Always an enjoyable showcase.
  • The Last Stand – First Viewing (Cinema) – An Enjoyable return for Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • The Expendables 2 – Rewatch (Blu-Ray) – “After five days of agonizing pain, the cobra died.” 😛
  • Lincoln – First Viewing (Cinema) – I liked it, but maybe it’s a bit overhyped for the Oscars.
  • The Waiting Room – First Viewing (Cinema) – A Day in the Life of a Hospital
  • Stake Land – First Viewing (Netflix) – This post-apocalyptic film, which takes place in a world occupied by vampires, was a refreshing take on the vampire film.