DVD Pick of the Day: Manborg

manborgIt’s been exactly 8 months since I last wrote a DVD column and today’s selection is well worth an end to the hiatus.  Today in Canada (and two weeks in the US) sees the release of Astron-6’s ultra-low budget sci-fi epic Manborg! When I saw the film last fall, I thought that it looked quite impressive for its mere $1000 budget and the film is worth it for the intentionally cheesy deadpan humour alone. 
The film is well on its way to becoming a new cult classic, complete with semi-regular late night screenings and a growing fanbase dubbed “fanborgs.”  Unusual for a new release these days, the film will only be available on standard definition DVD, since it apparently wasn’t even filmed in high definition to justify a blu-ray version.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they go 100% old school and eventually release some VHS copies of the film.  Anyways, I highly recommend checking out Manborg. (EDIT: I thought I should make note of the “Premiere Q&A” special feature on the DVD, during which I can be heard asking one of the questions – about the Bio-Cop short).
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