BITS 2015: Wrap-Up

I’ve been covering the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival for three out out its four years of existence. If nothing else, this festival has turned into an event for Canadian indie horror filmmakers to show off their latest films, while also networking with other filmmakers. The Blood in the Snow brand will be expanding next year as BITS launches an TV series on TV1 on Bell on Demand cable channels. It will definitely be interesting to see what the fifth year of Blood in the Snow brings.

Here are my favourite films of the festival, as well as the full listing of the festival’s award winners.

Top Three Feature Films

  1. She Who Must Burn
  2. Bite
  3. The Dark Stranger
Top Three Shorts (Short Showcase)
  1. Deathbox
  2. Seirēn
  3. Marty
Top Three Shorts (Pre-Feature)
  1. O Christmas Tree
  2. Chiral
  3. A Tale of the Bonesetter
The Bloodies Award Winners

  • Best Feature Film – She Who Must Burn
  • Best Short film – Chiral
  • Best Actor – John White (Farhope Tower)
  • Best Actress – Elma Begovic (Bite)
  • Best Screenplay – Andrew Cymek (Night Cries)
  • Best Director – April Mullen (Farhope Tower)
  • Best Cinematography – D. Gregor Hagey (The Dark Stranger)
  • Best Special Effects Make-Up – Jason Derushie (Bite)
  • Best Music Score – Andre Becker (Secret Santa)
  • Best Poster Design – Brandon Marsh (Bite)