BITS 2018: Alive

Two people wake up in an abandoned hospital in Alive. A man (Thomas Cocquerel) and a woman (Camille Stopps) wake bloodied and bandaged in an abandoned hospital. They are being taken care for my a mysterious man (Angus Macfadyen), who has a kind demeanor, yet acts aggressive towards his patients when they are not receptive of his kindness. Sensing something sinister about their situation, the man and woman decide to try and find a way out of this hospital.

Alive is a horror film directed by Rob Grant (Fake Blood), which is also a bit of a mystery about how this man and woman ended up bandaged and bleeding in this hospital. With the hospital sporting blood splattered walls and bodies in the freezer, the man and woman decide that it’s best to try and make a run for it, rather than find out what their caretaker has in store for them.

Alive is one of those films that is building up to a big third act revelation and the plot of the film is littered with hints about what is going on. I for one had a good idea what was up within the first few minutes, however it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of Alive. Part of this is do to a great supporting performance by Scottish actor Angus Macfadyen (Braveheart) as the very passive-aggressive caretaker, who may or may not be the antagonist of the film. Altogether, I have to say that Alive is a quite well done film.

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