BITS 2018: The Hoard

The filming a reality show goes horribly wrong in The Hoard. The team of the reality TV show Extremely Haunted Hoarders descends upon the notorious hording town of Rockford, Ohio to clean up the properties owned by lifelong hoarder Murph Evans (Barry More). The crew is split into three teams consisting of lead experts Sheila Smyth (Lisa Solberg) and Dr. Lance Ebe (Tony Burgess), the demolitions crew of Derek ‘Duke’ Jago (Marcus Ludlow), The Falcon (Justin Darmanin), and Charles Ivey (himself), and paranormal investigators Chloe and Caleb Black (Elma Begovic and Ry Barrett). Over the course of the next three days, this reality TV team soon discovers that they have more than just junk to deal with.

Co-directors Jesse Thomas Cook (Monster Brawl) and Matt Wiele (Ejecta) re-team with screenwriter Tony Burgess (Pontypool) to present a horror-comedy that also acts as spoof of both renovation and ghost hunting reality TV shows. In fact, The Hoard can almost be described as “Reality TV Found Footage,” since the entire film is presented as an episode Extremely Haunted Hoarders, complete with narration and talking head interviews. It isn’t long until this home renovation teams learns that Murph Evans might be hoarding some dark secrets of a paranormal nature.

The Hoard is probably the most lighthearted and comedic film produced by the team Foresight Features, with the film having a tongue-in-cheek feeling not unlike 2011’s Monster Brawl. The film also continues the team’s collaboration with Tony Burgess, who also acts in the film as the constantly vaping team leader Dr. Lance Ebe. Despite a few instances of gross-out humor and extreme gore, it can be argued that The Hoard is Foresight Features’ most accessible and entertaining film and I had quite a good time watching it.

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