BITS 2018: Wrap-Up

This year saw the Blood in the Snow Film Festival expand from four to six days, which the introduction of the Deadly Exposure Industry Film Market. This resulted in BITS 2018 being my most busy festival, as see by the fact that it took me a number of days after the completion of the festival to finish up my coverage. However, my cover of BITS 2018 is now done and I can finally rest.

Here are my favourite films of the festival, along with the official award winners.

Top Five Feature Films

  1. Level 16
  2. The Hoard
  3. Alive
  4. Fugue
  5. SuperGrid

Top Three Short Films (Bloody BITS Pt 1)

  1. Firstbite
  2. Supine
  3. Santa’s Helper

Top Three Short Films (Bloody BITS Pt 2)

  1. Lay Them Straight
  2. Binge
  3. Time Heals No Wounds

Top Three Short Films (Pre-Screening)

  1. The Holy Tank
  2. To Catch a Mouse
  3. Nepenthes

The Bloodies

Most Promising Debut Film

Best Poster 
Altered Skin – Small Dog Design

Best Screenplay 
Level 16 – Danishka Esterhazy

Best Cinematography 
SuperGrid – Michael Jari Davidson

Best FX/Makeup 

Best Musical Score 
Spencer Creaghan – Altered Skin

Best Editing
Matt Welie and Jesse Thomas Cook – The Hoard

Best Ensemble
Montreal Dead End (directors)

Best Actress 
Katie Douglas – Level 16

Best Actor 
Josh Collins – Hammer of the Gods

Rising Star 
Danishka Esterhazy – Level 16

Best Director 
Danishka Esterhazy – Level 16

Best Web Series 
Necessary Evil

Best Short 
Lay Them Straight

Best Picture 
Montreal Dead End

Vanguard Award 
Jesse Thomas Cook

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