Fantasia 2019: The Wrath

The Wrath (2018) 1h 34min | Horror, Mystery | 8 November 2018 (South Korea) Summary: In the household of Lee Gyeong-jin, a high-ranking official of Joseon Kingdom, three sons die from an unidentified horror. A woman pregnant with a child of the third son soon learns of the evil spirit that haunts the house.
Countries: South KoreaLanguages: Korean

A wealthy Korean family is tormented by a vengeful spirit in The Wrath. The heirs of the family of Madame Shin are being killed off on their wedding way by the vengeful spirit of a woman. Ok-bun is a young beggar, who is married off to Shin’s youngest son, in a last-ditch effort to break the curse. However, the son ends up dead as well, though not before impregnating Ok-bun, which makes her the newest target of the spirit haunting the premises.

The Wrath is a film that is a South Korean period drama that happens to also be a horror story. While the horror elements of the film are well executed, the story of the film does end up dragging quite a bit. Ultimately, I would say that The Wrath is a fine period horror story, but not one I would fully recommend.

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