Wow! It’s been just over three years, since I appeared on a podcast that I didn’t produce. But low and behold, you can hear me on Episode 7 of the Blood in the Snow Film Festival’s BITS Radio podcast, which was one of a number of episodes recorded live atContinue Reading

It is time for our second episode focused on the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival! Even though I was busy with the premiere of my short film Itch, I still had time to interview the people behind the opening and closing films Red Spring and Darken. Enjoy. OPENING CLIP – ExcerptContinue Reading

I was very busy at the Blood in the Snow Film Festival this year, as I was both covering the festival as media, while also having a short film in the line-up. Thankfully, I managed to make it through the double duty and this was indeed the biggest edition ofContinue Reading

Here are the shorts that preceded the features at the 2017 Blood in the Snow Film Festival. Paint the Town Red Andie (Allison Klause) and Josephine (Ariel Hansen) receive tickets to an exclusive new club, however something feels off. Paint the Town Red is a well-produced short film, though I do thinkContinue Reading

Here are my thoughts on the films that played during this year’s Blood in the Snow Short Film Showcase (with an obvious exception of course). Fun On an episode of Poppy Seed Place, Anna (Tiffany Hunter) demonstrates to Ellery (D. Campbell MacKinlay) her twisted meaning of fun. In many says,Continue Reading

A young woman finds herself in a mysterious and violent world in Darken. Eve (Bea Santos) is a nurse, who finds a bleeding woman on the sidewalk outside a building. Instructed to go inside and tell Taro (Jon McLaren) the truth, Eve finds herself in Darken, a dark warehouse-like world,Continue Reading

A troubled writer kidnaps a woman he believes to be his muse in Art of Obsession. Kennedy Sait (Ry Barrett) is a formerly successful writer, who has given in to drugs and alcohol following the death of his wife and child. On the verge of suicide, Kennedy is saved by aContinue Reading

A small town is tormented by a pair of crazed killers in the twelve days leading up to Christmas in Once Upon a Time at Christmas. In the small town of Woodridge, a pair of killers dressed up as Santa (Simon Phillips) and Mrs Claus (Sayla Vee) have started killingContinue Reading

A woman uncovers the sinister past of the inn she is staying at with her husband in The Child Remains. Recovering from PTSD, crime scene reporter Rae (Suzanne Clément) has arrived at the Mercey Inn to celebrate her 42nd birthday with her aspiring musician husband Liam (Allan Hawco). The coupleContinue Reading

A young woman makes a dark choice following a miscarriage in Blood Child. While living is Singapore with her husband Bill (Biden Hall), Ashley (Alyx Melone) has miscarriage and loses her unborn child. Months later, Ashley and Bill have returned home to Minnesota and she soon receives the news thatContinue Reading