Hot Docs 2020: A Thousand Cuts

Nowhere is the worldwide erosion of democracy, fueled by social media disinformation campaigns, more starkly evident than in the authoritarian regime of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Journalist Maria Ressa places the tools of the free press—and her freedom—on the line in defense of truth and democracy.

Hot Docs 2020: Daddy

Brendan, an American anthropologist, used to wander the planet exploring human nature in all its forms and beauty. But today, he has to embark on a very different project. After falling in love with a Danish woman, he ends up a stay-at-home dad of two toddlers in Copenhagen, and his own boring life as a caregiver becomes his only object of study. Once unable to conform to a conventional lifestyle, he now discovers the few […]

Hot Docs 2020: Love & Stuff

Seven months after helping her terminally ill mother during the end of her life in home-hospice, filmmaker Judith Helfand becomes a “new old” single mother at 50. Overnight, she’s pushed to deal with her stuff: 63 boxes of her parent’s heirlooms overwhelming her office-turned-future-baby’s room, the weight her mother had begged her to lose, and the reality of being a half century older than her daughter.

Hot Docs 2020: How to Watch

Today marks the beginning of the 2020 Hot Docs International Documentary Festival, but it is being held in a completely different fashion. Thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the decision has been made to host the festival online. As such, I thought I would post this festival primer about how you’ll be able to watch […]

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Hot Docs 2020: There’s No Place Like This Place, Anyplace

There’s No Place Like This Place, Anyplace looks at the transformation of an iconic Toronto block – where the world famous Honest Ed’s store once lived – through the stories of its community members as they reconcile their history with the future, all while facing the biggest housing crisis the city has ever seen.

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Hot Docs 2020: Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on The Exorcist

A lyrical and spiritual cinematic essay on The Exorcist, the last film of Alexandre O. Philippe explores the uncharted depths of William Friedkin’s mind’s eye, the nuances of his filmmaking process, and the mysteries of faith and fate that have shaped his life and filmography.

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Hot Docs 2020: iHuman

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is possibly the most powerful technology of our time. It has the potential to solve humanity’s biggest challenges yet some fear AI will be our downfall. iHUMAN follows pioneers at the frontline of the race to develop the ever more sophisticated AI to find the questions we need to ask at this crucial point in history.

Hot Docs at Home: They Call Me Dr. Miami

Dr. Miami (a.k.a. Michael Salzhauer) is the most famous surgeon in America. Millions of loyal followers from around the world tune in daily as he live streams graphic plastic surgery procedures on social media – all with the enthusiastic consent of his self-proclaimed “beauty warrior” patients. Celebrated for his outrageous social media persona and boasting a patient waiting list that’s two years long, his private life is quite different than one may expect. After he […]

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Hot Docs at Home: Influence

Charting the recent advancements in weaponized communication by investigating the rise and fall of the world’s most notorious public relations and reputation management firm: the British multinational Bell Pottinger.