Another edition of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival has come to a close. This has been my 10th year attending the festival and I have watched how much the festival has grown in that time, especially after it moved to its current location of the Scotiabank Theatre. It willContinue Reading

Here are my thoughts on the Pre-Feature Shorts from the 2018 Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Echoes in the Ice A group of men enter an abandoned facility and find a weird well in the lower levels. Echoes in the Ice is a sci-fi tinged short that kind of reminded me aContinue Reading

Here are my thoughts on the films part of the Toronto After Dark Canadian Short Film Showcase. Bone Mother In this stop motion fable, the vain Prince Vladimir visits Baba Yaga hoping to get the Water of Life. Bone Mother is an NFB produced stop motion short that combine two legendsContinue Reading

Here are my thoughts on the films that played as part of the 2018 Toronto After Dark International Short Film Showcase. Trespass A police officer gets a little trigger happy on a call, but quickly finds out that his crime cannot be covered up that easily. Structured as a foundContinue Reading

A platoon of American soldiers during World War II encounter unspeakable horrors a German base in Overlord. On the eve of D-Day, a platoon of American paratroopers, including Corporal Ford (Wyatt Russell) and Private Boyce (Jovan Adepo), parachute into Nazi-occupied France with the mission to destroy a radio jamming tower atContinue Reading

A man desperately calls his horror-loving friend when a serial killer runs loose at a summer camp in You Might Be the Killer. Covered in blood after the deaths of an uncountable number of camp counselors, Sam (Fran Kranz) desperately calls his friend Chuck (Alyson Hannigan) for help on the situation.Continue Reading

Five Masters of Horror present cinematic nightmares for unsuspecting movie patrons in Nightmare Cinema. As various people pass by an isolated movie theatre, they find their names on the marquee and enter to watch their worst nightmares, curated by the mysterious Projectionist (Mickey Rourke): In The Thing in the Woods, Samantha (SarahContinue Reading

A taxi driver is pursued by a demon in Luz. One night, Luz Carrara (Luana Velis) stumbles into a police station, in fear of a demon that is pursuing her. Elsewhere, the mysterious Nora (Julia Riedler) seduces Dr. Rossini (Jan Bluthardt) and talks about her history with Luz. Later, Dr. Rossini comes toContinue Reading

Three sisters committing a robbery discovery a demonic secret in The Inhabitant. In desperate need for money, sisters Camila (Vanesa Restrepo), Maria (María Evoli), and Anita (Carla Adell) break into the house of rich senator José Sánchez-Lermontov (Flavio Medina) and his wife Angélica (Gabriela de la Garza), hoping to steal the moneyContinue Reading