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Antigone – Review

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TIFF19 Wrap-Up

Another year and another Toronto International Film Festival in the books. This year, my personal milestone was seeing nine out of the ten films in the Midnight Madness programme and we’ll see if I can see all ten next year. The rest of my festival this year was made up of a mix of special […]

Jojo Rabbit

TIFF19: Jojo Rabbit

A Hitler Youth discovers that his mother has been sheltering a Jewish girl in Jojo Rabbit. Jojo Betzler (Roman Griffin Davis) is a ten-year-old member of the Hitler Youth, who imagines that he is best friends with Adolf Hitler (Taika Waititi). Injured in a grenade accident during training camp, Jojo is left to stay at […]

TIFF19: Crazy World

Child kidnappers have to contend with the “Waka Stars” in Crazy World. The Tiger Mafia, lead by the diminutive Mr. Big, need to kidnap kids for a sacrifice. While the kids’ parents, which includes a commando gone crazy and Uganda’s best action cop Bruce U, try to stage a rescue, it is soon discovered that […]

Wasp Network

TIFF19: Wasp Network

Cuban dissidents are sent to the U.S. to spy on anti-Castro terrorist organizations in Wasp Network. In late-1990, airline pilot René González (Edgar Ramírez) steals a plane and fleas Cuba to Miami, leaving behind his wife Olga (Penélope Cruz) and young daughter. He is soon joined by fellow Cuban exile Juan Pablo Roque (Wagner Moura), […]

First Love

TIFF19: First Love

A young boxer and a call-girl find themselves caught up in the middle of a drug war between the Yakuza and a Chinese gang in First Love. Leo Katsuragi (Masataka Kubota) is an up and coming boxer, who receives the bad news that he has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Having nothing to lose, […]



Two New Orleans paramedics encounter a series of strange deaths connected to a mysterious designer drug in SYNCHRONIC. Steve (Anthony Mackie) and Dennis (Jamie Dornan) are two paramedics in New Orleans who come across a series of grisly drug-related deaths, with the common denominator being the presence of a synthetic drug called SYNCHRONIC. Things turn […]

Sorry We Missed You

TIFF19: Sorry We Missed You

A working-class British family struggles to make ends meet in Sorry We Missed You. Having previously lost his home and job in the 2008 financial crash, Ricky (Kris Hitchen) starts a semi-freelance job with a delivery depot. Requiring a long financial deposit for his delivery van, Ricky’s wife Abbie (Debbie Honeywood) is forced to sell […]

Color Out of Space

TIFF19: Color Out of Space

A New England family’s farm is infected by an alien organism in Color Out of Space. Nathan Gardner (Nicolas Cage) lives on an isolated farm with his wife Theresa (Joely Richardson) and children Lavinia (Madeleine Arthur), Benny (Brendan Meyer), and Jack (Julian Hilliard). One night a glowing pink meteor falls and crashes on the farm. […]

The Twentieth Century

TIFF19: The Twentieth Century

William Lyon Mackenzie King’s journey to becoming Prime Minister of Canada is told in a surreal alternative history in The Twentieth Century. Mackenzie King (Dan Beirne) believes that it is his destiny to both become Prime Minister of Canada and marry Ruby Eliott (Catherine St-Laurent), as predicted by his mother (Louis Negin). However, Mackenzie finds […]