Jay Baruchel on set of Random Acts of Violence

Interview: Jay Baruchel on Random Acts of Violence

The horror film Random Acts of Violence, opening in select theatres and on-demand on Friday, July 31, 2020, is the sophomore directorial effort from actor and co-writer Jay Baruchel. Born in Ottawa and raised in Montreal, Baruchel is best known for acting in films such as The Trotsky, This is the End, and as the […]

Sean Kelly Interviews – Michael Del Monte and Janae Marie Kroc on Transformer

The documentary Transformer, winner of the Audience Award from the 2018 Hot Docs Film Festival, opens this week at the Imagine Cinemas Carlton in Toronto. To coincide with the release of the film, I am posting the interview I did at Hot Docs with Transformer‘s director Michael Del Monte and subject Janae Marie Kroczaleski. Enjoy. 00:20 – Opening […]

Sean Kelly Interviews…Let Me Make You a Martyr filmmakers Corey Asraf and John Swab

The Sean Kelly on Movies Podcast is now officially known as “Sean Kelly Interviews…” to reflect how interviews have dominated the content of this podcast since it relaunched last year. With the film Let Me Make You a Martyr now streaming as an exclusive on the horror streaming service Shudder, I thought that I would go […]