First Cow – Review

A cook and a Chinese immigrant begin a successful business with the help of a wealthy landowner’s milking cow in First Cow. Cookie Figowitz (John Magaro) is a loner who has traveled west and joined a group of fur trappers in Oregon Territory. It is there that is becomes acquainted with King-Lu (Orion Lee), a […]

Volition – Review

A small time criminal with clairvoyant powers tries to changes his fate when he has a vision of his own death in Volition. Since he was a kid, James (Adrian Glynn McMorran) has had the ability to see events before they happened. James’ visions are useful to to local criminal Ray (John Cassini), who wants […]

Hamilton – Review

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Hammer Poster

Hammer – Review

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Trouble – Hot Docs 2020

A filmmaker seeks to reconnect with her estranged Northern Irish father in Trouble. Mariah Garnett travels to Vienna to meet her father David, who she hasn’t seen since she was two years old. Growing up in Belfast at the height of The Troubles, David was the subject of a 1971 BBC news story, solely for […]

Image from "The Reason I Jump"

The Reason I Jump – Hot Docs 2020

The bestselling book by Naoki Higashida serves as a jumping off point for an exploration of the experiences of non-speaking autistic individuals in The Reason I Jump. Published in 2007, “The Reason I Jump” was an autobiography by Japanese teenager Naoki Higashida, about his experiences growing up as an autistic child without speech. Naoki’s insights […]

Image from "Always Amber"

Always Amber – Hot Docs 2020

A non-binary Swedish teen grows through their relationships and gender identity in Always Amber. Amber is a 17-year-old, who had a very close relationship with their best friend Sebastian, who helped Amber discover their a non-binary gender. However, Amber has a falling out with Sebastian following a love triangle and they are left alone to […]