Review: Roma

A year in the life of of middle class 1970s Mexican family and their relationship with their housekeeper is depicted in Roma. Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio) is the housekeeper for the family of Sofia (Marina de Tavira), who is often left home to safe for her four children, while her husband Antonio (Fernando Grediaga) works abroad. Over the […]

BITS 2018: Pre-Screening Shorts

Here are my thoughts on the pre-screening shorts from the 2018 Blood in the Snow Film Festival. Devil’s Due The Devil has a message for the people of the world. The ultimate message being given in Devil’s Due is that it’s quite difficult to avoid that many evils in the world, to the point that The Devil […]

BITS 2018: Bloody BITS Shorts Showcase Part 2

Here are thoughts on the films that screened during the second short film showcase at the 2018 Blood in the Snow Film Festival. That’s Not Me A woman wakes up to her friend Amber at the front door, but then receives a phone call from the same friend. That’s Not Me is a short film with a […]

BITS 2018: Bloody BITS Shorts Showcase Part 1

Here are my thoughts on the films that were part of the first Short Film showcase at the 2018 Blood in the Snow Film Festival. Note: As previously explained, I decided to exclude the short film Quiet Room Bears from my coverage. Frostbite A group of kids learn the lesson about covering up to avoid […]

BITS 2018: A Series of Web Bites

A new addition to the Blood in the Snow Film Festival was showcase of episodes from various web series. Here are my thoughts on the ten web series featured in the showcase. Poppyseed Place – Happy, X, and Chair Director Greg Kovacs expands his 2017 short film Fun into a full on web series that spoofs children’s […]

BITS 2018: Level 16

A group of teenage girls begin to learn the dark secrets of their boarding school in Level 16. Since a young age the girls of The Vestalis Academy are taught by their headmistress Miss Brixil (Sara Canning) and Dr. Dr. Miro (Peter Outerbridge) to live by the seven virtues of femininity, so they will be adopted by […]

BITS 2018: Isabelle

A woman is targeted by an evil spirit after she suffers from a miscarriage in Isabelle. Larissa Kane (Amanda Crew) and her husband Matt (Adam Brody) move into a new house, with Amanda expecting the couple’s first child. While greeting her unusual next door neighbour Ann Pelway (Sheila McCarthy), Amanda suffer’s a sudden miscarriage that results in her […]

BITS 2018: Fugue

A man suffering from amnesia tries to piece together who he is in Fugue. Malcolm (Jack Foley) wakes up with no memory of who he is. He is greeted by a woman named Helen (Laura Tremblay), who describes herself as Malcolm’s wife. Together with Malcolm’s friend Ian (Mike Donis), Helen tries to jog Malcolm’s memory. However, […]

BITS 2018: Montreal Dead End

Eighteen filmmakers depict supernatural terror around Montreal in the anthology tale Montreal Dead End. During the usual summer road work in Montreal, a supernatural green grown rises from a pothole, resulting in ghosts, zombies, and other paranormal creatures to arise around the city. As this terror spreads, it is up to the Guardian (Marco Collin) to […]

BITS 2018: The Hoard

The filming a reality show goes horribly wrong in The Hoard. The team of the reality TV show Extremely Haunted Hoarders descends upon the notorious hording town of Rockford, Ohio to clean up the properties owned by lifelong hoarder Murph Evans (Barry More). The crew is split into three teams consisting of lead experts Sheila Smyth (Lisa Solberg) […]