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I spoke via Zoom with producer, writer, and star Jonas Chernick about The Burning Season

The Burning Season Synopsis

Alena and her husband spend a summer up at Luna Lake Resort. JB runs the place. He and Alena begin a dangerous and passionate secret affair. Summers only. That's the rule. Until they break it. A sexy and tragic love story – told backwards.

The Burning Season directed by Sean Garrity is now playing in limited release, distributed by Northern Banner.

The Burning Season Timecodes

00:00 Introduction

00:25 Jonas Chernick on where the idea for THE BURNING SEASON came from.

02:03 Jonas Chernick on the title of THE BURNING SEASON

04:43 Jonas Chernick on the effect THE BURNING SEASON's secret has on his character JB

05:54 Jonas Chernick on the role of the spouses in THE BURNING SEASON

07:09 Jonas Chernick on why the characters keep returning to the resort

07:55 The resort as a character in THE BURNING SEASON

08:58 Jonas Chernick on his working relationship with director Sean Garrity

10:00 Jonas Chernick on whether he prefers writing comedies, dramas, or a mix of both

11:19 The Writing Accolades of THE BURNING SEASON

11:36 Conclusions

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