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A sociopath begins to feel emotions for the first time in . Spence (Andrew Jenkins) is a psychopathic con man, who charms women before robbing them blind. One night in a nightclub, Spence takes an experimental drug called Genuine Pink Dove, which gives him an extreme trip. After seemingly recovering, Spence moves on to his next mark Azaria (Melissa Roxburgh), a rich woman who lives with her mentally unstable brother Jory (Charlie Kerr). However, Spence soon realizes that he is still affected by the drug, which is giving him emotions that he has never felt before.

From writer/director Chris Scheuerman comes this science fiction tinged drama about a sociopath, who is overwhelmed with emotions after taking a mysterious drug. As someone who previously only mimicked emotions, Spence is overwhelmed by these new feelings, which disrupts his work as a con man, especially as he develops true feelings for Azaria. Going to the hospital for treatment, Spence becomes a pet project for Dr. Betty (Leah Gibson), who is intrigued by the changes Spence is going through.

Lost Solace asks the question of what would happen if someone who has never felt emotion suddenly became overwhelmed by it, which is visualized in the film through bright lights and psychedelic imagery. While these themes are undoubtedly interesting, I have to say that their execution in Lost Solace is quite flawed. The film features some very stereotypical depictions of mental illness, particularly through the character of Jory, and romantic interest Azaria is portrayed as a naive victim, who stays with Spence even after she begins to realize the truth about him. Ultimately, Lost Solace takes a interesting premise and places it within a somewhat lackluster story.

6 / 10 stars
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