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The relationship between six guide dogs on their owners are explored in . Even though guide dogs are a necessary need of their owners, the connection that develops between the two are often deeper than any other relationship in their lives. Filmmaker Heddy Honigmann follows six guide dogs and what what they mean to their owners.

Buddy is an observational documentary that explores the close bond between animal and human. The various subjects of the film have various afflictions, ranging from blindness to austim to PTSD. However, what they have in common are their guide dogs, who not only are able to help themselves with daily tasks, but end up being a valuable addition to their lives.


Buddy is simple, yet heartwarming documentary about the connection between guide dogs and their owners. The purpose of guide dogs is to make life better for their owners, whether it be opening doors or just simply being there. In fact, the connection between the two is so strong, that it is often greater than their human relationships. Buddy is definitely a film recommended for dog lovers, just be warned that you might get a little weepy while watching.


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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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