King Car – Fantasia 2021


King Car – Fantasia 2021

A taxi company owner’s son has an extraordinary connection with cars: he can talk to them. He makes friends with the car that saved him from a traffic accident as a child, but he also hears the old wrecks complain about the law banning cars over 15 years old from the roads. Together with his uncle, he converts the write-offs into futuristic vehicles that are conscious and speak. They then take on the status quo under King Car’s banner. However, capitalism’s zombies prove more evil than expected.

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A young man with the ability to talk to cars helps with the creation of a new sentient fleet in . Since he was a kid, Uno () has had the ability to talk to cars, though he decided to suppress this gift after an accident resulting in the death of his mother. Working on a career in sustainable agriculture with his friend Amora (), Uno is lured back into the family taxi business after a new law is passed banning cars 15 years or older from the roads. With the help of his eccentric uncle Zé Macaco (), Uno helps with the refurbishment of “King Car,” the first in a new sentient fleet.

King Car is a Brazillian science fiction fantasy film from director Renata Pinheiro, which can be best described as a cross being Knight Rider and 's Crash. Following an opening prologue, we are introduced to the protagonist Uno, who has decided not to work in his family's taxi business and instead focuses on life in agriculture. However, this changes when a new law puts the business in jeopardy and Uno comes up with a plan to refurbish old cars into a sleek new sentient fleet. However, with these cars having a mind of their own, they soon decide that Uno's friends in the association of family agriculture are an obstacle that must be taken care of.

King Car probably hits its peak around the midway point with the depiction of an actual sex scene between the titular King Car and provocative performance artist Mercedes (). This interplay between man and machine becomes a recurring element of King Car, especially as Uno's uncle Zé Macaco and the other mechanics fall under King Car's control. Overall, King Car is a film that has to be seen to be believed.

King Car is streaming as part of the virtual 2021 Fantasia Film Festival

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