Sexual Healing – Hot Docs 2022

Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing – Hot Docs 2022

Exploring lingerie, sex toys and the pleasures of her own body for the first time, a middle-aged disabled woman interrogates what physical intimacy means to her.

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A middle-aged disabled woman seeks out her first meaningful sexual experience in . Evaliene is a 53-year-old woman, who has only had a functional relationship with her body. Seeking to change that, Evaliene decides to explore her sexuality by wearing lingerie and buying sex toys. However, the biggest move comes when she decides to hire a sex carer to help make her feel whole as a person.

Sexual Healing is a mid-length documentary by Dutch filmmaker Elsbeth Fraanje. The film follows middle-aged disabled woman Evaliene, who has never had a meaningful sexual experience, due to the fact that her disability makes her spasmic. However, after hearing testimonials about sex care workers, Evaliene decides to give them a try.

If anything Sexual Healing is a documentary that shows that it is never too late for someone to come into their own sexually. The film details every step of Evaliene's journal of self-discovery, climaxing (pardon the pun) with her hiring a sex care worker. The end result is a touching coming-of-age story.

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