Fantasia 2018: I Have a Date with Spring

A number of individuals receive unforgettable birthday gifts on the day before the world ends in I Have a Date with Spring. A struggling filmmaker (Kang Ha-neul) sits by the lake on his birthday, hoping to find a way to complete the script he has been working on for a decade. Four mysterious beings suddenly show up and want to hear the stories he has come up with for his film about people celebrating their birthday on the day before the end of the world: Lee Hana (Kim So-hee) is a spider-sketching high school student, who encounters a strange middle-aged man (Kim Sung-kyun); Jeon Eui-mu (Kim Hak-sun) is a depressed romantic poetry professor, who falls for a student with boils on her face; and Ko Su-min (Jang Young-nam) is a stressed out housewife, who reconnects with her old female combative tactics organization.

I Have a Date with Spring is a South Korean tragicomedy anthology about a number of individuals celebrating their birthdays on the day before the end of the world. Each of the three stories are told individually, before later returning a see each of the unique gifts the protagonists receive. Sadly, I have to say that I Have a Date with Spring struggled to keep my attention with its slow-paced and sometimes depressing stories. It wasn’t really until the “Gifts” section, which revealed a genre twists to each story, that I really started perking up.