Fantasia 2018: Satan’s Slaves

A family experiences paranormal activity following the death of their mother in Satan’s Slaves. Rini (Tara Basro) lives with her parents and brothers Tony (Endy Arfian), Bondi (Nasar Annuz), and Ian (M. Adhiyat) at an isolated house beside a cemetery. Rini’s mother (Ayu Laksmi), a formerly popular singer, has been sick in bed for a number of years and finally passes away one night. With their father (Bront Palarae) gone to find money for the family, the siblings are left alone in the house, where they begin to experience strange activity at night, much of which is centred around the youngest brother Ian.

Satan’s Slaves is a remake of the 1982 Indonesian horror classic of the same name and it focuses on a family tormented by a possibly demonic presence in their home. Beginning with the constant ringing of their mother’s bell, the activity intensifies over time. Rini and Tony soon discover that their mother held a dark secret, which might be the source of this paranormal activity.

Satan’s Slaves is a truly scary old school haunted house film, with some really well executed haunting set pieces. As the title of the film suggests, Satan’s Slaves also takes a page out of films such as Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen, with the film also being somewhat comparable to this year’s HereditarySatan’s Slaves is without a doubt one of the must-watch horror films this year and you are sure to have a creepy time watching it.