Fantasia 2019: Jade’s Asylum

Jade's Asylum  Drama, Fantasy, Horror Summary: While attending a housewarming party in Costa Rica, Jade Williams is victim of a psychotic episode. But Jade's delusional jealousy disorder may have nothing to do with it. Don't build a mansion on sacred ground, some landowners had said.
Countries: Canada

A group at a mansion in Costa Rica are attacked by a group of forest-dwelling beings in Jade’s Asylum. While on a drug-fueled trip to a mansion in Costa Rica, Jade Williams (Morgan Kohan) leaves her boyfriend Toby in a jealous fit and is prepared to walk back to the airport. All the while, Jade is being tormented by visions of her dead father (Roc LaFortune), who is constantly taunting her. Suddenly a group of vegetation-covered figures emerge from the woods and begin killing people around the island. Teaming up with Mike Grover (Sebastian Pigott), Jade has to try and survive this attack and get off the island.

On the surface, Jade’s Asylum, written and directed by Quebecois Alexandre Carrière, can be described as a Cost Rica set slasher film, where a group of coked-out rich jerks get hacked up by a group of quite well-designed tribal-looking creatures. However, the film is ultimately much more about the psychological well-being of the protagonist, which is illustrated in the film by the editing, which is literally all over the place. Sadly, this “chop suey editing” makes Jade’s Asylum confusing as hell and not really a film I recommend.