Hot Docs 2018: Anote’s Ark

The president of the island nation of Kiribati fights for the survival of his people in Anote’s Ark. Kiribati is a low-lying nation in the Pacific, which has been severely affected by the effects of climate change. With rising ocean levels, it is estimated the Kiribati would be no more within a century. It is for this reason that President Anote Tong travels around the world to spread awareness on the effects of climate change and ensure the survival of his people.

With Anote’s Ark, filmmaker Matthieu Rytz documents the saga of the people of the small nation of Kiribati, which is destined to be under the ocean within a generation. In addition to covering the efforts of President Anote Tong to spread awareness about climate change, Anote’s Ark also follows the young mother Sermary, who makes the decision to move with her family to New Zealand.

If there is anything that Anote’s Ark tries to enlighten you about, it’s that climate change is not a political issues and it is more a question about the survival of the people of this world. While the nation of Kiribati wasn’t a contributor to the causes of climate change, they are one of the first nations to be feeling the effects. This makes Anote’s Ark a cautionary tale that has to be learned from, before the rest of the world has the same fate as Kiribati.

8 / 10 stars