Hot Docs 2018: More Human Than Human

The advances in artificial intelligence are explored in More Human Than Human. Machines are developing at a rapid pace and they are expected to replace traditional jobs by the year 2030. With science fiction movies having developed a fear of artificial intelligence, the question is asked what would happen if and when we finally reach that point.

In More Human Than Human, filmmakers Tommy Pallotta and Femke Wolting look into the recent developments in artificial intelligence and tries to guess what impact they would have on the human population. At the centre of the film, is an experiment to develop a “CameraBot” that will be able to interview Pallotta with minimal human interference.

Every time a new development in artificial intelligence is revealed, it is very hard not to instantly think of SkyNet from the Terminator films, where the machines have turned on humanity. More Human Than Human demonstrates that we are closer than ever to attaining true artificial intelligence, such as the robot Sofia, who is the first robot in the world to be granted with a citizenship. More Human Than Human definitely makes you think about the future and whether we would need to redefine what makes us human.

8 / 10 stars