Hot Docs 2018: Our New President

The story of Trump’s election is told entirely through Russian propaganda in Our New President. Compiled from material from Russia’s stations Russia-1, Russia TV, and NTV, the media empire of Russia works overtime to sabotage Hilary Clinton, while celebrating Donald Trump. This results in a film about news, which is completely devoid of any true statements.

Our New President is a satirical documentary made up almost entirely of Russian news footage. Since many of these networks produce what is viewed in the Western world as propaganda, the clips often involve the newscasters mocking Hilary Clinton and celebrating Donald Trump, leading into the 2016 US Presidential election.

While there some moments of Our New President that I found humorous, ultimately this piece of found footage fake news was incredibly disappointing for me. The film is essentially just a supercut a various pieces of Russian propoganda, which gets tiring to watch after a while. While this might be an interesting piece for a museum installation, Our New President just does not work as a documentary.

4 / 10 stars