Movies of the Moment – February 11, 2005

It seems that this is all that I am posting in this blog. Truth is, I can’t think of anything else to post about until I make my Oscar predictions, in about a week.

Anyways it’s time to see what’s out there for the Valentine’s crowd.

Will Smith – Good. Romantic Comedy – Bad. I could care less about this movie, thanks to my dislike of the genre. However, I read that Kevin James, of TV’s “The King of Queens,” steals the show.

Pooh’s Heffalump Movie
Movie-wise, Disney should have stopped the Winne the Pooh series after they finished adapting A.A. Milne’s books (I think a Day for Eeyore, in 1983, was the final Pooh cartoon based on a story). That aside, the kids should like this movie (though it would be cheaper to wait for the DVD).

Ong-bak : Thai Warrior
I’d be the first to say that I am not crazy about foreign films. However, I have been hearing some good things about this Martial Arts film. I also want to see the upcoming Kung-Fu Hustle (especially since I had a ticket for it, for the Toronto Film Festival, and the screening was cancelled the night before).

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