Generative AI Disclosure

All posts and reviews on Sean Kelly on Movies (SK on Movies) are written entirely by Sean Patrick Kelly. However, we are not against using generative AI as a tool to enhance our content. Here is a disclosure of all the tools used by Sean Patrick Kelly and their application to the site.


We have used Open AI’s ChatGPT to generate the copy used for some of the text-based advertisements on the site and certain social media posts.

Elementor AI

We have used the Elementor plug-in’s AI features to assist with some aspects of the design.

Taxopress AI

We use the Taxopress plug-in’s AI-generated recommendations to help tag our posts.

Buffer AI Assistant

We use the AI assistant of Buffer‘s social media sharing site to generate the copy for some of our social media posts.


We use Grammarly solely for the app’s grammar checker and we do not use its AI Writing features.

Canva AI

We experimented with Canva‘s generative AI features for our social media posts related to our coverage of the 2023 Blood in the Snow Film Festival.


BITS 2023 Instagram

Instagram AI Stickers

We have used Instagram’s AI sticker generator for select Instagram Stories, such as this Laser-Blasting Ice Mummy for the BITS 2023 Q&A for The Hyperborean:

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Used the app vidIQ to help with creating titles, descriptions, and tags for content on our YouTube channel.

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