Movies of the Moment – June 2005

Just in time for summer, it’s my new and improved, montly Movies of the Moment column. Here I will list the movies coming out this month that I think will be sure hits, probable misses, as well as intriguing curiosities.

Let’s get started

Sure Hits

Cinderella Man
This movie was filmed, right here, in Toronto last summer (I even saw one of the sets during one of my downtown walks). This is the type of movie you know people will be talking about come Oscar time.

Batman Begins
It was, nearly exactly, 10 years ago when I officially became a movie buff when, at the age of 13, I anxiously waited for Batman Forever to come out (whether or not the wait was worth it is up to arguement). Now this year, I am, once again, waiting for a new Batman movie to come out. And based on what I saw so far, the wait should be worth it.

This is how you should do a remake for a TV show — make the plot about remaking the TV show. Will Ferrell is always good for a laugh, so this film should do well.

Probable Misses

The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3-D
I give pops to Robert Rodriguez to trying to create a new, post Spy Kids, family movie franchise. However, all you need to do is watch the trailer to see how cheesy this film looks. I’ll just sit back and wait for Sin City 2.

The Honeymooners
Cedric the Entertainer is funny guy, but taking Jackie Gleason’s famed ’50s sitcom and turning it into, yet another, urban comedy does not really sound that good.

Intriguing Curiosities

Mr and Mrs. Smith
This looks like it could have been a pretty entertaining action comedy. Then the tabloids came in and accused Angelina Jolie of destroying Brad Pitt’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston (something that still hasn’t been proven). They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity, but I’m sure there are many people who will think of this movie different now that they did a few months ago (especially after seeing the graphic sex scene that’s supposed to be in the film – though I’ve read the scene may be cut, do to the controversy)

High Tension
A very graphic French (though it’s going to be dubbed) horror film. An image that haunts me is picture of a blood-soaked Cécile De France, holding a big saw, which was in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Land of the Dead
20 years after the last entry, George A. Romero brings us a new (Toronto filmed) entry in his “Living Dead” movies. I can say the trailer looks neat.

Movies I don’t even want to talk about (but will mention anyway)
The Perfect Man
Herbie: Fully Loaded

‘Til Next Month

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Sean Patrick Kelly is a self-described über-geek, who has been an avid film lover for all his life. He graduated from York University in 2010 with an honours B.A. in Cinema and Media Studies and he likes to believe he knows what he’s talking about when he writes about film (despite occasionally going on pointless rants).