The X-Men 3 Fiasco

You know people have preconceptions about certain directors that can really hurt a film’s chances of being successful.

With X-Men 3, Brian Singer left to do Superman Returns, and was replaced with Matthew Vaughn. People seemed OK with that even though Vaughn directed only one film (and produced Guy Ritchie’s films).

But, just as things seemed to be going nicely, Matthew Vaughn suddenly left the production (due to personal problems), and was replace with Brett Ratner.

Now, everyone, on the web, seems to be going “OMG THE DIRECTOR OF RUSH HOUR IS MAKING THE NEW X-MEN MOVIE! THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO SUCK!!!!!”

And then there was salt added to the wound, with the announcement that Alan Cumming won’t be returning as Nightcrawler.

Personally, I’m not a guy who counts chickens before they hatch. Sure Brian Singer created a nice niche with the X-Men movies, but it doesn’t mean that Brett Ratner is gong to ruin all that.
As long as the movie doesn’t depart from it’s comic roots, everything should be just fine.

Sean Kelly Author

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